REBRANDING - Gamification To Learning

GTL Ventures


To enhance human performance through simulation based learning.​

Original Identity before rebranding

Brand Challenge

Divinidhi earlier was known as NJ jewellers. Like most of the jewellery traders, the identity of this brand was not distinct from the other countless brands which were named after their family’s name. The challenge was to give the brand an identity which will distinguish it from rest of the brands.


To position the brand in the competitive space as new age with traditional values​

The New Brand Identity

We coined the name Divinidhi with the amalgamation of two words Divinity and Nidhi. The fusion of English and Hindi words not only made the brand name’s unique but it also built a relation with both the modern english speaking as well as Hindi speaking target audience. The brand is positioned as an elegant and classy brand which every woman would want to have.

And of course, it gives the branding exercise an opportunity to create its space in the new age digital media from domain names to twitter handlers.

Rebranding - GTLVentures

Original Identity before rebranding


Gamification To Learning

Brand proposition
To enhance human performance through simulation based learning.

GTL Branding – Timeline

The branding exercise for the GTL is based on Timeline methodology. Things which we know and things we look forward to know. Like in a book, the pages on the left are what we have read & learnt and the pages on the right are the information we look forward to read & learn.

Book symbolises information. The information which we know and the information
Which we look forward to learn. The joystick controller signifies the new age of interactive
and an effective methodology of learning; Gamification.
With the process of simulations (Gamification) we can transform the information into

Brand Elements - Timeline methodology

GLT branding comprises of two elements –shape of page in a book; Knowledge and learn/look forward
Usage of theses element would be on the bases of the nature of the communication.
Any communication in which displays information/Brand would have Knowledge element (left side).
Like - Letterhead, brochure, front side of envelope, social media etc…
Any communication in which is seeking/response oriented would have Learn element (right side).
Like – Visiting card, Enquiry form etc…

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